A Heathen Tradition Became Mediocre (AHTBM)

The guys a PENTABIKE.NET are not really smart enough to place words on paper too frequently let alone on an electronic device for mass publication, but once in a while we can muster up enough energy to install new ribbon on our typewriters, dust off the encyclopedias and and get the job done.

Having gone to public schools, we were distracted early in life with Heather Thomas, BMX bikes, chewing tobacco, skateboards, and punk rock.  Consequently, we never developed the attention span or discipline to draft something so eloquent, so cool and so honest that we’d like to see it published.


That is until now.

You see, at this moment in California, a man with a soiled orange jump suit and a black bar across his eyes is planning his next irreverent critique on everything that doesn’t matter and a few which should.  The assault is eminent and will present in the form of hand crafted fanzines, stickers, pen and ink drawings, triptych shadowboxes, written words, arm hair, inspirational videos and yes, new bike kits.

Without question, Stevil Kinevil has been a friend of the cycling community even before The Clown hit him in the parking lot of the Wendy’s, before Mark D. towed him on his skateboard with a broken arm to the liquor store for King Cobra 40’s, and before 685 was arrested for the drunken shoplifting of a ham.  It’s true, Agent Kinevil was soiling the bay area with his special brand back in 1992 at the same time the dirty secret of PENTABIKE was first emerging in Denver and he has never looked back.

stevil makn art

Thankfully, he and the Black Market still endeavor to keep us grounded, stimulated and opiated and continue to unleash only the finest offerings from the murky depths of the darkest minds.

Hats off to Captain Kinevil for the upper echelon of mediocrity he has achieved, the inspiration he’s provided and the eloquent irreverence he espouses through his black humor weblog: All Hail the Black Market!


STEVIL 2014 front and back