kenns pentabikelicenseMy long time friend Kenn recently sent me this snap shot of his mandatory Hawaiian bicycle registration plate which must be mounted to all ‘legal’ bikes in Honolulu. Not so cool.

Kenn is featured frequently on my other web site, Hells Ditch Wilderness Archive, which has been IN-freqently updated in the last several years, but still has great photography and features other back packing related excursions into the desert and mountains around Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

pedal_consumption_rcfix_flyer_pt2Patrick, at Pedal Consumption, just reported of success with the recent Rose City Fix alley cat,with record numbers of participants and top shelf prizes from vendors such as CHROME, FIXED, COG, and PENTABIKE.

Be sure to support your local courier and fixed gear nut by checking out the recently published book; Rose City Fix by Brenton Salo which looks absolutely RAD on screen, and for sure, looks even better in-hand.
The event closed, however, on a shitty note with several sacred and beloved bikes being stolen from a U-Haul van parked in the area immediately surrounding the event location, and left comrades with no bikes in which they use to pay the bills. Please help!If you know anyting about the stolen bikes listed below, PLEASE contact Patrick at Pedal Consumption.

Patrick’s Bike:
• Frame: Pista Concept 2007 (white) • Front Wheel: Phil Wood Low-Flange (silver), H Plus Son (gold), DT Swiss Spokes (black) • Rear Wheel: Phil Wood Low-Flange (silver), H Plus Son (gold), DT Swiss Spokes (black) • Headset: Stock Cane Creek (black) • Stem: Thomson Elite 50mm (black) • Handlebars: Nitto B-201 Riser Bars (black) • Seatpost: Thomson Elite (black) • Saddle: Sam Marco Supercorsa (black) • Cranks: Sugino 75 (black) • Bottom Bracket: Sugino 75 • Chainring: Sugino 75 – 44t (black) • Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC (black) • Toe Straps: Hold Fast

Jake’s Bike:
• Frame: 3Rensho (purple-metallic) • Front Wheel: SPIN Tri-Spoke (white) • Rear Wheel: Chub Hub (black), H Plus Son Formation Face (black) • Headset: Campy NJS (silver) • Stem: Dura-Ace (silver) • Handlebars: Syntace Pursuit Bars (silver) • Seatpost: Thomson Elite (silver) • Saddle: Sam Marco Rolls Ti (white) • Cranks: Sugino 75 (silver) • Bottom Bracket: Hatta • Chainring: Sugino 75 – 49t (silver) • Pedals: MKS Sylvan (silver) • Toe Straps: Cadence Double (black)

Other Items Stolen:
• Jake’s custom Freight Baggage (black) bag that contained a digital and film camera and a $400 Patagonia jacket (black) • Ryan’s shoulder bag containing 10 Macaframa DVD’s and Go Means Go shirts • Dodici Veloce frame (pink/chrome) w/chrome fork • Leader 721TR Track Frame/Fork (white)

For more propaganda you can check both, Pedal Consumption andRose City Fix.

Also, one of my longest living blood-relatives Stevil Kinevil, has moved to greener pastures by establishing the vegan-safe blog site ‘All Hail The Black Market’.

After serving several tours of duty at Swobo as head master of propaganda, the siren song has once again called our little black-hearted-weavil back to the wilds of public service.

An impresive nine-hundred-million hits have found their way to his new cyber-rag in that past 13 minutes, with promise to reach even more obscene levels by sun down tomorrow.

Hats off to Stevil.


**new pentabike stuff is still on the way, i promise.**

-thanks for clapping.