I feel obligated to post something here simply because, that’s what you do.

To start,I will mention that the new super secret, hand made, machined aluminum, custom fit, product that has been mentioned is nearing a roll out date. After months in R+D with SS Industries in Denver, field testing by Stevil in California and design revisions, here at Pentabike, I found it time time to begin work on the graphic propaganda that will accompany the product release right here on the Blogger site and simultainously on Myspace.

Next, I’ll mention that my house got broken in to when I was at work a month ago and everything with a plug or battery was stolen. This includes my laptops, stereos, speakers, and televisions. Fuckers. they even took a sterling silver PENTABIKE head tube badge. Fortunately, they did not get my bikes or my C.D.’s.

A while back, as featured on HOWTOAVOIDTHEBUMMERLIFE, I got a chance to spend some great moments with Stevil and Demonika while they were in town for a 20 year class reunion celebration for some classmates of ours including Allison, Jen and Garth. We spent a loud evening in a BBQ joint and more importantly, some great time on some single track and drinking PBR with Wake….the festivities declined to their low-end -terminus with a sub-par visit to Casa Bonita.

Are you bored yet?

The last issue of FIXED MAGAZINE featured a somewhat favorable article on the PENATBIKE origins and I would strongly encourage you all to order a copy. the magazine is a beautiful work of art printed on heavy weight stock with great photos and writing.

PEDAL Consumption and Rose City Fix are pairing up for an alleycat event to kick off their new publication, which according to their video posts and intervies looks like it will be a top notch production. PENTABIKE sent a few items to them to offer as sacrificial offerings to those who ride hard. Good luck!

T-shirt sales continue to be brisk, but I am going to let my inventory get low so I can look at perhaps printing up some girls specific cut shirts, hoodies or kids sizes…any desire for that?…didn’t think so.

The new PENTABIKE STICKERS will no longer say “DENVER” at the bottom, instead, the word “PENTABIKE” will be inserted. So if you have a “DENVER” version, they have just become instant collectors items, and will no doubt fetch no less than $50.00 each on the upcomming bidding wars that will ensue shortly after this post.

I guess thats about all I have.

Thanks to you all!