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UPDATE 666 – The Site Is Up!

The site is now back up, and so is the store. It has been restocked and new items have been added. Still limited on shipping locations, but more are being added as we move along. Thanks for your patience. #rideyourbike #loveyourmother #hailsatan

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Store Is Open – Sorta.

We’ve opened the store back up with some limited items, while we wait for all the new stuff to come rolling through. The website redesign is going to take a bit more time than we’d planned, so, in the meantime…at least you can still buy what’s actually left in our inventory.  

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Update 2.0

While the site and the store get a facelift, we’re working on some new products as well as a new kit design. We’re keeping the club cut, but also adding a new Team Pentabike CX kit, along with new accessories and goods.

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